Other Services

Brookside Environmental Services has developed an approach to environmental compliance, site design, and restoration we call the "BEST" approach (Brookside Environmental Services Team). Our team is a multifaceted organization providing a wide range of environmental services to meet the challenges of the metropolitan St. Louis area. The team is composed of highly experienced and qualified members with backgrounds in engineering, landscape architecture, biology, and earth sciences. Our services are available to the development community including commercial, institutional and residential developments.

Land Development

  • Regulatory Compliance including Clean Water Act Sections 401 & 404 permit applications
  • Qualified Erosion & Sediment Control Inspections
  • Vadose Zone Hydrology Analysis
  • Floodplain and watershed analysis
  • Wetland and stream delineations
  • Permits
  • Mitigation design
  • Mitigation site brokering
  • Monitor and manage potential land disturbance impacts to the environment

Master Planning

  • Site analysis
  • Woodland, grassland and wetland habitat management, enhancement and restoration
  • Plant identification and surveys
  • Natural area and recreation needs assessment
  • Review and recommend permitting and other compliance actions to be used as an integral component of your Master Plan.

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